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ASEC : ASEM SMEs Eco-Innovation Center

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SMEs in developing countries face specific opportunities and challenges when it comes to eco-innovation issues. It is necessary for SMEs to keep up with the newly created demand for environmental products, services and technologies in the global market.

Against this backdrop, the ASEM Eco-Innovation Consulting Project aims to help SMEs in developing and the least developed ASEM member states to implement eco-innovation and facilitate technological cooperation among ASEM Member States.

ASEIC dispatches contracted consultants to SMEs in developing countries and provides one-on-one consultation on how to utilize green technology and management in economically viable ways. Through this program, SMEs are able to develop comprehensive strategies and measurable action plans for eco-innovation.

In addition, seminars and workshops are held to raise the eco-innovation awareness of participating companies and strengthen their green competitiveness. All participating companies receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program.

Eco-Innovation Consulting outcomes
  • Environment : - Environment regulation compliance - Pollution prevention - GHG emissions reduction
  • society:- Awareness of eco-innovation and environmental responsibility - Networking among participating SMEs
  • Economy: - Reduction in production costs from energy & resource efficiency - New source of profit from green marketing & green business