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ASEIC News ASEIC held Eco-Innovation Capacity Building Seminar for Vietnamese SMEs (July 11 ~ July 13)

16 Jul 2018

ASEM SMEs Eco-Innovation Centre (Chairman, Myung Ki SUNG) held an ASEM Eco-Innovation Capacity Building Seminar for two days from 11th to 13th July at the Vien Dong Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This seminar mainly focused on SME’s capacity on how to achieve eco-management innovation, introduced effective energy management at their worksite and shared energy management tools, as ways to vitalize technical cooperation between Vietnam and Republic of Korea.


This seminar aimed at enhancing SME’s energy efficiency management ability based on the demand survey. ASEIC invited Korea’s distinguished energy audit experts as lecturers to provide methodologies of analyzing and measuring energy consumption at worksites and helped participants establish their own annual energy reduction plans accordingly. Also, the information on emission trading system was shared to help them to get a glimpse of how international projects operate. The parallel session on practical exercise was also provided to help participants to measure energy by using audit equipment and to increase applicability of energy management through an economic analysis of its measurement result.


This workshop was held in close cooperation with Small and Medium Enterprises Development Support Center 2 (SMEDEC 2) and dealt with intensified eco - efficiency contents as a follow up of MOUs signed by two organizations in 2017.


ASEIC is an inter-governmental body that raises eco-innovation-related awareness, facilitates relevant technology cooperation and exchanges information that promotes eco-innovative growth primarily for SMEs in the ASEM region. Since its launch in 2011, ASEIC has contributed to helping SMEs to respond climate change by sharing know-how on low-carbon growth and good practices that minimizes environmental effect within the ASEM channel.    

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