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22 Oct 2018
 ASEM SMEs Eco-innovation Center (ASEIC) joined the Climate Technology Centre and  Network (CTCN), an operational arm of the United Nations framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Technology Mechanism, as a specialized agency.

CTCN was established in 2013 as an international organization that disseminates technologies reducing greenhouse gas emission in developing countries, as per the UNFCCC. Currently, there are 83-member countries across the globe, and the criteria for the membership of specialized agency is determined by expertise in developing climate technology for developing countries and previous business experience in relation to this technology in developing countries.

ASEIC was launched at the 8th ASEM general assembly as an international cooperation institution. Ever since, it has been pursuing climate change technology business cooperation with SMEs in developing countries within the ASEM area. The ASEIC eco-innovation reinforcement and the climate technology support business has a lot of similarities with CTCN businesses such as mitigation in developing countries, relevant technology support, raising awareness through eco-friendly business management, technology cooperation businesses, and sharing relevant policies, thus the integration of these two entities are predicted to be synergistic.

After the launch of Post2020, developing countries cannot be excluded from the mandatory reduction of greenhouse gases. Therefore, ASEIC will endeavor to improve the ability to respond to climate change within the ASEM area through supplying outstanding climate technology from the institution.

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