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ASEIC News [ASEIC] 6th ASEM Working Group Seminar on SME Capacity Building

22 Oct 2018

ASEM SMEs Eco-innovation Center(ASEIC) and the Luxinnovation (Luxembourgs innovation research center), the Korean Ministry of SMEs and Startups, and the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy hosted the 6th ASEM Working Group Seminar on SME Eco-friendly Capacity Building in Luxembourg between September 11 and 12.

Public officials, policy experts, SME representatives related to SME eco-innovation from 11 ASEM member countries, including Denmark, Luxembourg, Romania, Netherlands, Cambodia, Germany, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Korea participated in the seminar to discuss cooperation related to the improvement in eco-innovation capacity of SMEs in ASEM.

- A virtual SME eco-innovation capacity improvement center within the ASEM area was to discussion topic of common interest, and the other conversed topics were ▲ eco-Innovation advisory services for SMEs cooperation, ▲ eco-innovation capacity building for the governments, ▲ developing training on eco-innovation for SMEs, ▲ and reinforcing networks.

The participating countries of the ASEM Working Group Seminar are planning to disseminate cooperative efforts within the ASEM area by sharing their progress with ASEM members in the upcoming 12th ASEM general assembly in 2018.

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