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ASEIC held the “2nd INDONESIA-KOREA SMEs Business Innovation Forum” - Dealing with Global Competitio
19 Dec 2017
ASEIC, the ASEM SMEs Eco-Innovation Center, with the support of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups of Korea and KUKM, the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs of Indonesia, held the “2nd INDONESIA-KOREA SMEs Business Innovation Forum” on December 14, 2017 at Jakarta, Indonesia.
Encouraged by the success of the first forum last year, this year’s event widened its scale of sectors focusing on the innovation of not only green business, but also technology, on-line marketing and e-commerce. Reflecting the high interest, the forum was attended by approximately 150 people, including Indonesian government officials, representatives of universities and research labs of Indonesia and Korean organizations as well.
Mr. Kim Se-jong, Vice-Chairman of ASEIC, announced the welcoming speech followed by the opening speech from Mr. Hasan Jauhari, Senior Advisor to the Minister of KUKM and the congratulatory remark by Mr. Kim Chang-nyeon, Minister Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Indonesia.
Many experts gave presentations to boost enthusiastic discussions on policies regarding the highlighted sectors of SMEs of Korea and Indonesia.
Mr. Hasan Jauhari delivered the first keynote speech with the theme “Indonesian Policies and Support to Innovation and SMEs Development”. After that,  Mr. Park Soon-hong, Deputy Director the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, gave his presentation with the theme “Introduction of MSS and Overview of Support Policy to SMEs of Korea”.
There were five major speeches at the afternoon session.
Ms. Dudi Iskandar, Director of the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology, on “Technopreneur in Indonesia: How to Boost SMEs Competitiveness”, Mr. Bryan Song, Manager of Korea Association for Photonics Industry Development, on “Model for Cooperation of Korea-Indonesia SMEs in the Field of Smart LED”, Mr. Nyoman Adhiarna, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics of Indonesia, on ”Empowering SMEs through Digital Innovation“, Mr. Radityo Triatmojo, Partnership Manager of Shopee, on “Successful Online Sales in e-Commerce”, and finally Mr. Lee Jun-ho, Director of PT. HANSAE YES24 Indonesia, on ”How to Sell Goods via Online“.
Mr. Hasan Jauhari said that “We must admit, the product innovation of Indonesian SME is still left behind. Meanwhile, South Korea is a leading country in terms of innovation in the SME sector. So, cooperation and synergy are strategic step for our SMEs to innovate, so that the products that they manufacture have competitiveness in the global market”. He also added “Korea is the world's number one country in the field of SME innovation. Our SMEs should be able to take advantage of this (event) by actively sharing or exchange information, so that the SMEs’ cooperation between both countries can be established”
On the same occasion, Mr. Kim Se Jong said that this cooperation and synergy is a concrete follow-up of South Korean President Moon Jae-in's visit last month. In the meeting with President of Indonesia Joko Widodo, the strategic partnership between Indonesia and Korea has advanced to become a special strategic partnership.
"This step is also expected to be the largest contribution for both countries in the field of SME development in Indonesia. I wish this forum will be the actual platform for the ongoing cooperation of both countries."