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ASEIC News ASEIC hosted Asia-Europe Environmental Forum’s annual conference

18 Dec 2018
 ? The ASEM SMEs Eco-Innovation Center (ASEIC), in collaboration with the Polish Ministry of Investment and Economic Development and the Asia-Europe foundation (AEF) hosted the Asia-Europe Environment Forum (ENV)* in Warsaw, Poland

- Along with the hosting country, officials from ASEM member countries from Finland, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, and EC, representatives from Ikea and Finnair, international organizations such as the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and SWITCH Asia, program officials, and researchers attended the event.

- In the forum, the presentation centered around the topic of Asia and Europe’s responsible consumption and production, with a focus on discussions of the implementation of sustainable production and consumption in the plastic, food, and textile sector, responsible businesses, Sustainability and Development Goals (SDGs), monitoring, and the financial resource and progress assessment for achieving SDGs.

* The Asia-Europe Environment Forum is operated under the partnership of ASEIC (Korea), ASEF (Singapore), Hanns-Seidel Foundation (HSF, Germany), Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES, Japan), and Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI, Sweden). The forum implements businesses such as hosting annual conferences, publishing research reports, hosting national workshops etc. to strengthen the cooperation between Asia and Europe towards the achievement of SDGs

? The secretary general of ASEIC, Sejong Kim, stated in his closing address that the event was meaningful as it provided a space of exchange and communication between experts on production, consumption, and circular economy. The secretary general further emphasized that the ENV will actively support the communication and cooperation between Asia and Europe and the eco-innovation of SMEs in order to fulfill the common agenda of the international society, the SDGs 

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