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Extended : Request for Proposals for ASEIC Eco-Innovation Consulting Project : Post-Project Manageme
28 Mar 2016
ASEIC RFP 2016-7

Extended Request for Proposals for

ASEIC Eco-Innovation Consulting Project

: Post-Project Management and Follow-up Projects


ASEM SMEs Eco-Innovation Center (ASEIC), as an intergovernmental body based on Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), is seeking capable firms to carry out the post-project management service to Malaysian SMEs who have participated in the Eco- Innovation Consulting Project. We invite your firm to submit proposals in response to this request.



March 28, 2016

Chairman of ASEIC


A. Overview


Project Description

Project Objectives

Provide post-project management service to Malaysian SMEs who have participated in the eco-innovation consulting project. Organize programs to strengthen eco-innovation capacity and share successful eco-innovation cases.

Project Period

Project Award Date ~ November 15, 2016 (Approximately 7 months)

Recipient Countries: Malaysia

Project Size

KRW 70 million


Key Tasks

Analyze eco-innovation- related proposals prepared for consulting services rendered in Malaysia for the last five years; Analyze technologies used in the proposals; Identify the cause of the low proposal­-implementation rate; Develop appropriate post-project management system

Identify additional technologies that can be applied to the existing participants; Identify demands for eco-Innovation capacity building programs from companies and professionals in the relative industries

Run eco-innovation capacity building programs and raise eco-innovation awareness

Develop methodologies for the project to be recognized as a greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction program in response to the Paris Agreement adopted under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change; Develop GHG reduction criteria; Create relative programs and identify potential demonstrative projects

   ■ Organize delegates that have eco-innovation technologies that local companies need and hold technology matching consultation session

   ■ Prepare reports in both Korean and English and promote the programs


B. Selection of Contractor


Method of Selection:

Competitive Tender (The contract is awarded through negotiation)

The contract will be awarded in accordance with the Article 12 (Requirements to Participate in Competitive Tender), Article 14 (Qualification to Participate in Tender) and Article 76 (Limitation of Qualification of Under-qualified Persons to Participate in Tender) of ENFORCEMENT DECREE OF THE ACT ON CONTRACTS TO WHICH THE STATE IS A PARTY.


Evaluation and Selection

Evaluation: 90% weight to technical score and 10% to price score

- The Evaluation shall be made by evaluation committee.


Evaluation criteria:

Conformity to the contents of the RFP

Ability to assess Eco-Innovation process and to transfer knowledge to the recipients

Realistic objectives and indicators

Possibilities to turn the project into eco-innovation business



Applicants negotiate with ASEIC in order of the highest total score.

(Technical Score+ Price Score)

- When two or more applicants have the same total score, the one with higher technical score will be given priority.

- When two or more applicants have the same technical score, the one with higher score for factors with higher weight will be given priority.



Application Process:

Submit application Review documents Hold evaluation committee Notify the evaluation results Select a contractor Award the contract


Application and Submission

Dead line: 6, April, 2016


Pangyo Inno-Valley Building E Room 202, Pangyo-ro 255, Bundang-gu, Seongnam

Submission method:

Visit the office to submit applications

Documents to submit:

RFP, application form, pricing summary and other accompanying forms