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ASEC : ASEM SMEs Eco-Innovation Center

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ASEM Eco-Innovation Index 2015

  1. (1) Index Sophistication and Diversification of Assessment
    • - Evaluate eco-innovation status of the ASEM countries and update ASEI 2015
    • - Recommend policies by understanding barriers of eco-innovation in each country
    • - Apply underline mutual factors affecting each indicator in ASEI analysis
    • - Suggest ASEI improvement by evaluating feasibility of previous data and analysis
  2. (2) ASEM Collaboration on ASEI Research and Data Collection
    • - Establish collaborative system with other ASEM governments and institutions
    • - Assign a national expert to assess ASEI in the country’s context, review the results
    • - Research eco-innovation data and collect indicator information for analysis
ASEI 2015 Results by Stages of Development

The categorization of national development stage followed that of WEF (2015), which divides countries
into 5 groups according to the development stage based on GDP and exportation of raw materials.