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ASEIC News [ASEIC] ASEIC hosts 2018 ASEIC Global Innovation Conference

22 Oct 2018
ASEM SMEs Eco-innovation Center (ASEIC), in collaboration with Ministry of SMEs and Startups and Indonesia cooperatives and SMEs hosted the ‘2018 ASEIC Global Innovation Conference’ between September 4th and 6th in Jakarta, Indonesia.

- ASEIC Global Innovation Conference was consist of the sessions, ‘ASEIC Global Innovation Forum’ held in Korea annually from 2015 and the ‘India-Korea SME Business Innovation Forum’ hosted in Indonesia, for three days in Indonesia.

- The Global Innovation Forum was hosted under the topic of ‘the reinforcement of SME eco-innovation for inclusive and sustainable growth.’ The secretary general of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, 14 related organizations from ASEM member countries, international organizations, and 40 public officials and experts participated in the forum.

- The Director for Environmental Affairs from the Indonesian Ministry of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS), Ir. Medrilzam, Michael Kuhndt from the Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production, and the Director of Sustainability Asia, Robert Steele each made keynote addresses, and subsequently, the related organizations from ASEM member countries and international organizations drew methods of cooperation in relation to four sessions on ▲ reinforcement of capability and expertise, ▲ reinforcement of business strategies, ▲ alternative financial resources and support program, and ▲ national policy.

The ‘Korea-Indonesia SME Business Innovation Forum’ was held in the auditorium of the Indonesian Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs on September 6th with discussions on SME development measures for each country.

- The forum also provided a special session in which Korean enterprises gave donations to support the victims of the Mount Sinabung volcano eruption.

The Chairman of ASEIC, Myung Gi Sung claimed that “The ASEIC global innovation conference was a meaningful three days of finding various methods of cooperation” and emphasized the active pursuit of cooperation between ASEM members and Indonesia in the future, as well.

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