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ASEIC News Ecothon (competitive exhibition of ideas) held in Cambodia

18 Nov 2019

ㅇ ASEM SMEs Eco-Innovation Center (ASEIC), the Ministry of industry and Handicraft of Cambodia, and Germany’s Hanns Seidel Foundation hosted ‘Ecothon for Cambodia’s sustainable production and consumption’ for two days on September 17th, 18th in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

ㅇ The event was formatted as a competitive exhibition of ideas and provided a platform for international professionals from Cambodia, Korea, Europe to coach nine domestic prep entrepreneur teams and startups on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP).

ㅇ Each team explained their business model in the final presentation. At the end of the event, first place went to TeraX Team (Cambodia’s Kirirom Institute of Technology), which used IoTs to develop an app that systematically manages household electricity, water, gas use. Second place went to Ecocup team (Royal University of Phnom Penh) who produced a paper cup that uses cassava and biodegradable PBS coating. Third place went to ITLab (startup), which is a company that develops smart farm solutions by using IoT and AI to remotely control irrigation channels.

ㅇ The Vice-Minister of Industry and Handicraft explain the policy on startup incubation system in the technology sector. He mentioned that he would refer this event to for government programs that nurture technological startups and the pursuit of other policies supporting startup.

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