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ASEIC News ASEIC hosts workshop in Myanmar for reinforcing waste water treatment

18 Nov 2019

ㅇ On September 18th, ASEM SMEs Eco-innovation Center (ASEIC) hosted a workshop on capacity building for industrial waste water treatment capacity in Yangon, Myanmar.

ㅇ The workshop was hosted in cooperation with Myanmar’s Ministry of Industry and introduced waste water treatment technologies and facilities operation for 85 SMEs in Myanmar.

ㅇ In 2018, Myanmar’s waster water treatment market was 76.2 billion won. In the industrial waste water treatment sector in China has a high share of 31.2%, and Korea has a share of 2.7%.

ㅇ ASEIC built up the cooperation with selected companies in order to increase export of Korean SMEs by one-to-one coaching.

ㅇ In Yangon’s industrial complex, 5.41% waste water is treated, and most of it is being discharged. In response to this problem, the Myanmar’s Ministry of Environment provided guidelines criteria for industrial discharge water in 2015, but the capacity and awareness of companies towards waste water is still relatively insufficient.

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